IT Consulting

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Digital Transformation

We don't believe in the traditional division between management and IT. In today's digital world, companies need to be able to break down that barrier to accelerate their transformation. Therefore, we too need a new approach to be able to help our clients. We believe in using technology as the driving force and in putting the end-user at the center of everything we do. Combining this approach with functional- and industry expertise, and our deep knowledge within change management - we help our clients to improve their employee satisfaction, customer experience and their ability to drive innovation and to develop as a company.

IT Strategy & Governance

Legal Requirements

What legal requirements does your company need to meet? E.g. EU Data Protection Regulation, GoBD.

Corporate Requirements

Which company internal guidelines must be observed?
Availability (e.g. SLAs), Confidentiality, Integrity and Security.

Business Processes

What should the processes look like?

Budget & Investment

What budget is available?

Scaleabilty & Flexibility

How flexible should the solution be?


Which infrastructure is suitable?


What hardware do you prefer?


Which software do you want to use?


Is your staff well trained?