IT Project Management

Let's manage your IT project!

Minimizing project risks through professional planning and implementation.

In truth, even the most complex IT projects can be precisely planned, controlled and monitored. Using the three key dimensions of scope, costs and schedule, project managers develop clear targets, including quality targets and scope. During the implementation phase, monitoring plays an essential role. This allows risks to be identified. In the event of non-conformances, the responsible parties gain sufficient time either to take effective countermeasures, or if necessary to activate the emergency brakes.

  • coaching of project manager and project team
  • taking over of operational project management tasks
  • consulting on the introduction or adaptation of project management standards and methods
  • performance of project audits
  • Planning

    • Defining measureable project objectives
    • Setting up project structure (Who? What? How?)
    • Planning project schedule (When?)
  • Implementation

    • Monitoring and Controlling objectives (project controlling)
    • Managing risks
    • Managing and coordinating
  • Check

    • Approval of results
    • Transition to deployment phase
    • Lessons learned for further projects