Training & Awareness

Let's train your employees!


Successful businesses have long relied on highly skilled staff ensuring secure and effective IT strategies to compete in fast-paced environments. We provide IT professionals and experts the tools essential to implementing efficient and productive solutions according to their corporate needs.

We train staff certified to develop, install and maintain productive and profitable IT systems for professional and business success.


Mobile office in the train, e-mails with malicious software, unprotected passwords, transfer of sensitive data: the best technical protection does not help you, if the employees in your company are not sensitized to the risks of data loss or misuse.

We provide tried-and-tested tools to continuously ensure awareness among your employees.

Data Protection

Do you want to introduce the ISO / IEC 27001 standard in your company? We are happy to carry out a preliminary audit in your company so no errors will occur during the final check by an accredited ISO certification.

IT Security
Cyber Security
Security Awareness
Computer Skills
Microsoft Office 365
Cloud Computing

Does your company comply with the requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation? We are happy to conduct an internal audit and check your documents for completeness, traceability and compliance.